Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Driven Secure Smart SaaS Applications for Businesses

Driving Innovation and Change to redefine the Digital World


Glosys helps companies manage and use mobile applications to meet the unique, diverse and ever-changing needs of the customers. We leverage our expertise to accelerate time-to-market for improving customer experience.


Big Data

Big Data Technology is redefining the way the industries derive insights from the data that is managed and integrated from different sources across multichannels.



With the advancement of Cloud technology that creates sustainable value, embrace the future of work and remould your enterprise to stay ahead of the curve.


Machine Learning

Machine learning is drastically changing the IT industry. We create a competitive edge for you by harnessing the power of the statistical models and frameworks that become the main driver of unprecedented growth.


Embracing new ways to improve customer satisfaction by effectively leveraging our expertise Solutions

AI & Deep Learning

With the sophisticated power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, We enable the industries to render online analytical processing activities and derive insights from huge amount of data collected from various sources using ML Tools, APIs, SDKs and deep learning frameworks such as tensorflow, keras, PyTorch


Application Development & Chatbots

With the advancement of responsive web design incorporating HTML5, CSS3, Twitter bootstrap, node.js, LAMP stack and nginx apart from the wide array of technologies such as mobile, analytics, cloud and social paradigms , We develop the web applications that you desire


Managed Cloud Solutions

We provide the powerful features and solutions for the managed cloud environment that is fully integrated with the multiple layers of Services such as Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service encompassing cloud automation tools.


Mobile Apps

We mainly assist you to design and develop a variety of mobile applications using different platforms including  Android Lollipop supported by material design features


Portals & CMS

We offer IT solutions for content management systems using customized themes, plugins and pages in terms of wordpress, joomla, drupla running on the top of AWS/Open stack/Eucalyptus environments.



We encourage B2B/B2C customers to buy or sell electronic products in the online market by using our portal for effectively managing customer relations, user expeience, sales promotion and demand prediction


Security Analysis

We leverage the security services for SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting and buffer overflow attacks. We also focus on vulnerability assessment for Network, OS, Database and Web and Hybrid Mobile Applications



We help the industries to analyse consumer analytics, sales prediction, point of sales and mobile shoppers experience, promotion driven consumer retention, sentiment analysis through social connections


Testing & QA

We provide services for functional testing, continuous integration continuous delivery, security testing, load and performance testing, user acceptance testing, test management for web, mobile and chatbot applications


Prepare for the future by harnessing the Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social, Security and Internet of Things technologies


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