AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaSS enabled Platform for administrators, students and faculty Team to deal with admissions, onboarding, learning, research, assessments, credentialing and reporting

glosys EduERP Suite Overview

glosysEduERPSuite, a platform of glosysEdTech Unit, provides AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaSS Applications and Services for Support Team to work together and resolve customer issues in the digital world

Features We offer

Student Enrollment Analytics

Analytics for Student Enrollment, Optimization of Student Attrition Rate

Students Engagement

Omnichannel driven students engagement, Virtual Reality based personalized learning

Course Delivery and Assessments

AI driven Course Delivery and Assessments

Cost Optimization

Policies for reducing administarion and associated costs, Automated College Applications processes

Reporting Dashboard Analytics

Events, Credentializing and reporting

Meet Your Digital Education Objectives & Needs