Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Driven Secure Smart SaaS Applications for Businesses


Glosys Development Centre, a division of Glosys Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.TM works in tandem with Glosys Research team and provides best of breed IT solutions for technology, application and domain software in the development and testing of sophisticated  responsive web design based business applications to meet future growth plan and customer delivery proposition.

It also offers enterprise IT consulting and services for business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets to address business needs, challenges, situations and improve customer experience.

Technology Solutions

Enterprise Cloud,
Big Data Analytics,
AI and Machine Learning
Enterprise Security,
Testing and Quality Assurance,
Mobile, Internet of Things
Enterprise Application Development,

Business Solutions

Customer Relationship Management,
Digital Marketing Cloud,
Enterprise Content Management System,
Human Capital Management,
Business Analytics, Customer Experience
Business Process Services,
Supply Chain Management

Industry Solutions

Retail – Consumer Goods, Devices and Electronics
Travel and Hospitality
Transportation and Logistics
Media and Law
Public Service

Retail Solutions

Analytics driven Order Management Systems, Integrated Store Operations Management,
Enterprise Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management through IoT,
Digital Marketing and Branding, Secure Customer Service Management,
Social Campaign Management

Healthcare Solutions

Predictive Analytics for Clinical Trials, IoT enabled Remote Patient Monitoring,
RFID based Hospital Asset Tracking, Healthcare Social Collaboration,
Role based Access Control, Disease Surveillance System,
Cloud based Patient Wellness management

Education Solutions

Integrated Knowledge Management, RFID based Attendance and Leave Management,
Auditing and Institution Quality Information System,
Educational Social Collaboration Platform, Digital Conference Management,
Predictive Analysis for Students Performance, Issue Tracking and Bus Route Network Management

Travel & Hospitality Solutions

IoT driven Fleet and Asset Management, Analytics based Driver Behavior Monitoring,
Labor scheduling in Restaurant, Cloud based Hotel Facilities and Reputation,  
Customers engagement and experience Platform, Inventory Optimization and Supply Chain Visibility, Passengers and Vehicle Security management

Transportation & Logistics Solutions

Automated Intelligent Transport Systems, Chatbot Analysis for Automotive Social Platform, Cloud based Dynamic Route Planning and Management,
IoT enabled Outbound Digital Logistics and Supply Chain, Order picking and Contract Logistics, Supplier Relationship Management in Logistics,
Predictive Maintenance for Vehicles through IoT

Media & Law Solutions

Analytics driven Case prediction Management in Law firms, Enterprise Legal Information Security, Chatbot analysis for publishing sector, Smart Automation Systems, Integrated Legal Restrictions for Real Estate Management System,
Cyber Security Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment,
Social Collaboration Platform for Lawyers