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Glosys for Higher Education & Schools

An Integrated online IT Skills Upgradation Platform for Students, Working Professionals, Colleges, Universities and Learning & Hiring Platform for Industries

An Integrated online Coding for School Students with Grades from 6 to 12 for boosting IT Skills in the next generation digital world

An Integrated Education ERP Platform for the the student journey including admissions, onboarding, learning, research, assessments, credentialing and reporting

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Glosys for HR Teams

An Integrated AI and SaaS enabled Hiring Platform for Industries to offer Candidate Sourcing, Screening, Assessment and Onboarding

An Integrated AI driven HRIS Platform for industries to manage different employee information such as payroll, performance, timeoff and timesheet management

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Glosys for Support Teams

An Integrated AI and SaaS enabled Platform for Support Team to work together and resolve customer issues faster

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Glosys for IT Teams

An Integrated Machine Learning and SaaS enabled Platform to manage IT Services and internal requests from employees

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Glosys for Sales Teams

An Integrated AI and SaaS enabled omnichannel CRM Platform for Sales Team to connect with prospects and deals

An Integrated AI & Cloud Software Suite for Marketing Team to gain better leads and more sales with conversion optimization

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Glosys for Healthcare Sector

An Integrated AI and SaaS enabled Healthcare Platform for Hospitals, Doctors, Patients to offer Access Control, Clinical Trials and Wellness Management

We provide solutions for Hospital Assets, Virtual care and Disease Diagnosis for different segments such as Multi-speciality Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Clinics, Home care & Residential care

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Glosys for Retail Sector

An Integrated AI and Deep Learning enabled Retail Platform for Industries to offer analytics for Products, Pricing, Promotion and Merchandising

We provide solutions for ECommerce, Merchandising, Supply chain Management for different segments such as Department Stores, Consumer Electronics, Jewellery, Apparels & Footwear

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