AI and Blockchain Driven Secure Smart SaaS  Applications for Businesses


Glosys Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.TM develops solutions for building technology and business software that solves complex issues behind challenging areas of Cloud Management, Analytics, Security Management, Testing & Quality Assurance, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and establishes Center of Excellence(CoE) Labs for Big data, Security, Testing, Mobile and Cloud Technologies.

Glosys product research and development division harnesses creativity in its people, triggers new ideas in terms of preparation, investigation, transformation, incubation, illumination and builds up successful, groundbreaking products. Glosys leverages its culture, innovation processes through significant breakthrough representing major shift in design to seize new opportunities in the marketplace and grow its business exponentially.

Glosys CRM Suite


Omni channel Enablement of sales prediction
Sentiment Analysis through social connections
Cross Channel based Potential Consumers Acquisition
Promotion driven Consumer Retention
Point of Sales and Mobile shoppers experience
RFID based products identification and tracking
Consumer Analytics in Retail Cloud

Glosys Intelligent Analytics Platform


Real-time streaming data analytics, Service Dialogs through Chatbots
Text Categorization, Sentiment Analysis
Exploratory Data Analysis, Image, Audio and Video Analytics
Topic Modeling, Supply Chain Analytics
Marketing Mix Analytics, Workflow scheduling Analytics
High Performance Computing and Analytics

Glosys ITSM Software


Analytics based Issue Tracking System
Help Desk Planning and Administration
Project Analysis and Management
IT Asset Tracking System & Dashboards
Knowledge Community Forums
Social Platform through Multiple Channels
Employee Collaboration and Authentication System

Glosys HCM Cloud


Candidate Sourcing, Staffing and Onboarding
Analytics based Talent Development
Social Integration and Workflow Planning
Performance Management and Access Control
Compensation and Benefit Management
Smart Time and Attendance Tracking
Territory, Travel and Expense Analysis

Glosys Products (in pipeline)

Glosys ERP Cloud

Glosys Cloud Suite

Glosys Test Management suite

Glosys Security Management Suite