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We develop solutions for building technology and business software that solves complex issues behind challenging areas of Cloud Management, Analytics, Security Management, Testing & Quality Assurance, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and establishes Center of Excellence(CoE) Labs for Big data, Security, Testing, Mobile and Cloud Technologies.


An Integrated online IT Skills Upgradation Platform for Students, Working Professionals, Colleges, Universities and Learning & Hiring Platform for Industries

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An Integrated online Coding for School Students with Grades from 6 to 12 for boosting IT Skills in the next generation digital world

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An Integrated AI enabled CRM Platform for Sales Team to connect with prospects and deals and gain better leads with conversion optimization

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An Integrated AI and SaaS enabled Hiring Platform for Industries to offer Candidate Sourcing, Staffing and Onboarding

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An Integrated AI and SaaS enabled Platform for Support Team to work together and resolve customer issues faster

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An Integrated Machine Learning and SaaS enabled Platform to manage IT Services and internal requests from employees

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An Integrated Machine Learning Analytics Suite for Industries to offer text, image, speech and video data modeling and visualization

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An Integrated AI and SaaS enabled Healthcare Platform for Hospitals, Doctors, Patients to offer Access Control, Clinical Trials and Wellness Management

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An Integrated AI and Deep Learning enabled Retail Platform for Industries to offer analytics for Products, Pricing, Promotion and Merchandising

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