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AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaaS enabled Platform for AI and Analytics Team to focus on Aerospace & Defence Data Management, Annotation Automation, Model Management, MLOps Automation and data security

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glosys Aerospace & Defence AI Overview

glosys Aerospace & Defence AI, One of the components of glosys AI Platform, provides AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaaS Applications and Services for AI and Analytics Team to focus on Aerospace & Defence Data Management, Annotation Automation, Model Management for Aerospace & Defence, MLOps Automation and Aerospace & Defence data security in the digital world

Features We offer

Aerospace Data Management

glosys Aerospace AI manages Aerospace data sets in terms of data extraction, transformation, loading and processing effectively

Aerospace Annotation Automation

glosys Aerospace AI focuses on auto-annotating, Aerospace image and video annotations, interpolate and fine tune the performance of the annotator for Aerospace data


Aerospace Models Management

glosys Aerospace AI leverages construction of Aerospace ML Pipelines, Auto-ML to develop production-ready Aerospace AI, Model Workflows, Models Hub and Model Metrics for Aerospace data

Aerospace MLOps Automation

glosys Aerospace AI harnesses the power of construction of Aerospace CI/CD AI Pipelines using built-in neural networks, python SDK, webhooks and advanced orchestration

Aerospace Data Security

glosys Aerospace AI protects and secures image and video data using security features such as roles management, profiles and permissions management, access control and field level security

Model Types glosys Aerospace AI leverages

Object Detection & Localization

Detect and locate the presence of multiple objects within an image, drawing bounding boxes around them to indicate their position and size

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Object Classification

Identify and assign a label or multiple labels to images based on the presence or absence of specific features or patterns within the image

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Captioning & Action Recognition

Automated process of generating textual description of an image, identify and classify human actions or movements within a video using action recognition

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Semantic Segmentation

Divide an image into distinct regions or segments, and assign labels representing the category of objects or features they belong to, to each individual pixel

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Instance Segmentation

Detect and delineate individual object instances within an image, and assign a unique label to each pixel that belongs to that instance

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Object Tracking

Follow or track the movement of one or more objects within a video sequence by detecting and matching features across frames.

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Usecases for Aerospace & Defence

Design of Aircraft

Gather relevant data on aerodynamics, materials, structural dynamics, and other relevant parameters.
Optimize design parameters such as wing geometry, fuselage shape, and propulsion system components, such as engines and propellers, for fuel efficiency and performance.
Predict aerodynamic forces, moments under different flight conditions and structural integrity of different materials and configurations.

Aircraft Control and Autonomy

Implement machine learning algorithms for flight control systems to enhance stability and response in different flight scenarios.
Develop autonomous capabilities using machine learning for tasks like navigation, obstacle avoidance, and decision-making.


Simulation and Testing of Aircraft

Create accurate simulations for virtual testing of aircraft designs.
Augment traditional testing processes with predictive models to reduce the need for physical prototypes.

AI Driven Drones Development

Focus on Drones such as Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octocopter in terms of Frame, Motors, Propellers, ESC/Electrical Motor Controller, Flight Controllers, Power Distribution Board, Battery, Camera, Sensors, Receiver, VTX/Video Transmitter
Development of Surveillance, monitoring and Mapping Drones with Weight, Endurance, Launch Altitude, Operation range, Cruise speed, Operating Altitude, Wind Resistance, No. of Motors, No. of Propellers, Controller, Way Point, Target Tracing, Semi & Full Autonomous, Back up, Combo Thermal & RGB, Zoom, Daylight Camera, Thermal Camera, Megapixel, Gimbal and Rotate

AI Driven Spacecraft Development

Focus on the development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in terms of Aerodynamic Structure, Propulsion System(Engine), Fuel Tanks System, Guidance System, Payload System and Launch Platform

AI Driven Nano Satellite Development

Focus on the development of nano satellite in terms of Sensors, Cameras, A Computer on a chip, GPS Chip, A Power System, An Antenna, A Radio Transmitter, Attitude and Orbit Control System, Chassis and Thermal Control System, Telemetry, Tracking, and Command(TT&C)

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