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AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaaS enabled Platform for AI and Analytics Team to focus on Hospitality Data Management, Annotation Automation, Model Management for Hospitality, MLOps Automation and Hospitality data security

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glosys Hospitality AI Overview

glosys Hospitality AI, One of the components of glosys AI Platform, provides AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaaS Applications and Services for AI and Analytics Team to focus on Hospitality Data Management, Annotation Automation, Model Management for Hospitality, MLOps Automation and Hospitality data security in the digital world

Features We offer

Hospitality Data Management

glosys Hospitality AI manages Hospitality data sets in terms of data extraction, transformation, loading and processing effectively

Annotation Automation for Hospitality

glosys Hospitality AI focuses on auto-annotating, Hospitality image and video annotations, interpolate and fine tune the performance of the annotator for Hospitality


Hospitality Models Management

glosys Hospitality AI leverages construction of ML Pipelines for Hospitality, Auto-ML to develop production-ready Hospitality AI, Model Workflows, Models Hub and Model Metrics for Hospitality data

MLOps Automation for Hospitality

glosys Hospitality AI harnesses the power of construction of CI/CD AI Pipelines for Hospitality using built-in neural networks, python SDK, webhooks and advanced orchestration

Hospitality Data Security

glosys Hospitality AI protects and secures image and video data using security features such as roles management, profiles and permissions management, access control and field level security

Model Types glosys Hospitality AI leverages

Object Detection & Localization

Detect and locate the presence of multiple objects within an image, drawing bounding boxes around them to indicate their position and size

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Object Classification

Identify and assign a label or multiple labels to images based on the presence or absence of specific features or patterns within the image

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Captioning & Action Recognition

Automated process of generating textual description of an image, identify and classify human actions or movements within a video using action recognition

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Semantic Segmentation

Divide an image into distinct regions or segments, and assign labels representing the category of objects or features they belong to, to each individual pixel

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Instance Segmentation

Detect and delineate individual object instances within an image, and assign a unique label to each pixel that belongs to that instance

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Object Tracking

Follow or track the movement of one or more objects within a video sequence by detecting and matching features across frames.

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Usecases for Hospitality AI

Customer Behavior Analytics

An individual's buying habits, including social trends, frequency patterns, and background factors influencing their decision to buy something and understand their target audience and create more-enticing products and service offers

Inventory management and theft prevention

The process of ordering, storing, using, and selling a company's inventory and it incorporates the management of raw materials, components, and finished products, as well as warehousing and processing of such items


AI-driven feedback to customers and staff

AI can evaluate data and derive customer behavioral patterns and it constructs customer personas, preferences, dislikes, and businesses can even suggest to customers similar products which they are more likely to purchase

AI can help managers to better identify the gaps in the talent pool and give personalized training suggestions for individuals by analyzing their career progression through data from past performance reviews, interests and skill sets

Clock-in, clock-out time management system

Clock-in clock-out systems allow team members to log their work hours as well as breaks, vacations, and overtime, usually on a desktop or mobile app. These systems enable organizations to manage team members' workloads and track the time worked

Loyalty and rewards management

Loyalty programs offer rewards, discounts, or other special incentives and are designed as a reward for a customer's repeat business

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